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Rustic Round Claddagh Pendant Necklace
Ireland Claddagh
Ireland Jewelry Claddagh

Rustic Round Claddagh Pendant Necklace

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You will LOVE the meaning behind this Pendant!

This necklace is adorned with a Claddagh.The Claddagh is the Irish symbol of Love, Loyalty and Friendship.

The heart represents Love, the Crown is for Loyalty and the hands represent Friendship.

In wearing these symbols, we remember the precious heritage of Ireland. This land of saints and scholars.


Get your own piece of IRELAND 

Who are we?  We are an Irish company (based in Co. Cork) who hand pick Irish-themed goods for lovers of Ireland and have many happy customers. 

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Metal: Zinc Alloy
45 + 5cm adjustable

Care Instructions: Sweat, sea water, recently applied perfume, and other substances can cause plating to erode on jewelry. This may leave a green mark depending on the metal used in the jewelry and individual wearing the jewelry. All metal types (including gold and silver) can cause green or other color reactions but it is more likely with less expensive metals such as bronze and zinc.

Regardless certain measures can be taken to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of reactions. Some simple steps to follow are:

  • Remove jewelry when swimming, washing, or sleeping